Another excellent of information about “Path to Starvation” USDA has put our kids on

Sensible School Lunches has Facebook page…

Like them I do…

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Another group of students with “Hunger Games” video on school nutrition

The HUNGER Games – A Parody of the 2012 School Lunch Program

click to watch video


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Dr Heather Leidy studies dietary protein and she takes issue with USDA lunch guidelines

Dietary protein adequate or not enough? Dr. Heather Leidy explains

Dr. Leidy’s research focuses on the metabolic, hormonal, and neural regulation of appetite, food intake and body weight in overweight and obese individuals across the lifespan. She has over 10 peer-reviewed, original research publications in obesity-focused research, has given over 20 presentations at various scientific conferences including endocrinology, experimental biology, The Obesity Society, and American College of Sports Medicine, and has received/been involved with 9 internal and external (NIH and industry) grants. If you eat you need to listen to this expert in nutrition today.

Click here to listen

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Greg Lear from Spencer IA delivers pork chops and a message to Obama


Loos Trails and Tales radio show click here to listen

Greg Lear from Spencer, IA was ask to deliver pork chops to President Obama and Secretary of Ag Tom Vilsak at the Iowa State Fair. Greg not only delivered pork chops but a message about poor school nutrition standards. Listen to Greg explain how all this went down.

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Kids are hungry in New Jersey too

Are school lunch laws making kids go hungry?

“I feel hungry after my meals,” 14-year-old Melissa Fernandez said last week, sitting in front of her lunch: four mozzarella sticks, a small portion of fries (potato counts as a vegetable once a week), and a large cup of tomato sauce.

“Our favorite meal is pizza, and now it’s smaller, and it doesn’t taste very good,” she noted.

Weehawken didn’t have too far to go to conform to the new regulations, as they had already provided a salad bar with fresh produce to students.

Read more:Hudson Reporter – Are school lunch laws making kids go hungry

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School administration is finally seeing how bad school lunch is

Students Give New Lunches An ‘F’

About two weeks ago, students at Jordan middle and high schools organized a boycott, bringing lunch from home for several days.

Principal Barb McNulty says she got the message.

“We responded by saying, ‘Tell us what you want, and we’ll see what we can do to help you,’” McNulty said.

The Jordan School District is working with local chef Marshall O’Brien to come up with better recipes for the healthier food.  The Superintendent tells WCCO that his schools are throwing away too much perfectly good food, because the law doesn’t allow them to donate it.

Link to whole story


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Not just farm country complaining here is NY weighing in

Do School Lunches Leave Kids Hungry?

Beauvais says she sees why the students may say that.

“The guidelines are meant for the average child in the age range,” Beauvais says. “The guidelines aren’t really addressing the needs of someone petite, who would think it’s way too much food, and they don’t address the needs of a 6’4″ athlete.”

Avon parent Noreen Whelehan says the school lunches are not fulfilling enough for her daughter who is not an athlete.

“My daughter has asked me if I could give her an extra dollar when she buys lunch because it’s just not filling enough,” Whelehan says. “I can understand decreasing the carbs, but don’t cut back the proteins, and if you’re going to increase the veggies make it veggies the kids are going to eat.”

Link here for whole story

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