My letter to Chancellor NY Board of Education Dennis Walcott

Media request from Trent Loos of Loos Tales:

I host several radio programs that air throughout the country in fact in 19 states. Most stations quit honestly though are West of the Mississippi River not all but most.

I would like a ten minute conversation with Chancellor Walcott about the announcement of PS 244 offering only vegetarian menu at school.

While I am not looking for anything other than a respectful conversation I will take issue with the announcement sharing a bit of science indicating that this is not wise for the health of the children. Again I am looking for a discussion not a beating and am very opened mind and my listeners expect this type of respectful discussion on my programs.

As a heads up this is one piece of science that I believe is worthy of the discussion.

I would like a ten minute discussion and could the conversation working into overall health of our nations young people. Diet and exercise.

I am available to make this interview work at any time that fits into the Chancellors schedule.

You can get additional background information on me at

Thank you

Trent Loos


And here is the response I received back:

The Chancellor will be unable to do this interview. 

Thank you.

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