Not just farm country complaining here is NY weighing in

Do School Lunches Leave Kids Hungry?

Beauvais says she sees why the students may say that.

“The guidelines are meant for the average child in the age range,” Beauvais says. “The guidelines aren’t really addressing the needs of someone petite, who would think it’s way too much food, and they don’t address the needs of a 6’4″ athlete.”

Avon parent Noreen Whelehan says the school lunches are not fulfilling enough for her daughter who is not an athlete.

“My daughter has asked me if I could give her an extra dollar when she buys lunch because it’s just not filling enough,” Whelehan says. “I can understand decreasing the carbs, but don’t cut back the proteins, and if you’re going to increase the veggies make it veggies the kids are going to eat.”

Link here for whole story

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