Look at how this WI High School Student is smarter than USDA

Denmark teen promotes chocolate milk among student athletes

Got milk? Emily Selner does. The Denmark teen has developed a milk program to supply student athletes with muscle-building chocolate milk for post-workout recovery, one of several dairy and agricultural promotion efforts that landed her the Marshall E. McCullough scholarship from the National Dairy Shrine.

“Chocolate milk is actually better for you when you drink it an hour after your workout because it helps you refuel better than a sports drink,” she explains. “It’s all natural… the riboflavin is perfect for your muscles to regain all that they lost and it helps with lactic acid.” Presenting these facts to both students and coaches help her to gain their participation.

“We are promoting the dairy industry because milk and other dairy products have so many nutritional benefits, and a lot of students in our school are looking for the healthiest options so they can stay physically fit for their athletics and everyday life,” she notes. “Knowing when to consume these products and in moderation is perfect because it helps you fuel your body.”

Link to whole story

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