Concerned mother Sheila Ressler from North Dakota

So if it is about calories in and calories out…what will happen with the required physical activity in schools…kids who are playing hard in their gym class or at recess are going to burn quite a lot more calories than someone who doesn’t want to be there…how will they monitor that in a school – What the Hell Michelle?

What about kids in sports or other after school activities? You have a high school kid who will need to get to football practice and they only ate 2 oz of protein at lunch—they will be starving by the end of the day…what will they do? Grab something fast food on their way to practice—pretty sure they won’t have a lunch box in their vehicle with fresh fruits & vegies to get them through football practice – What the Hell Michelle?

And what about kids who are growing? Don’t punish me for having a child who is on the upper end of the scale in both height & weight but can out run an adult in a foot race—just because there are parent/guardians who use a TV or game system as a babysitter so they can “get something done” – What the Hell Michelle?

Sheila Ressler

Mandan, ND

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10 Responses to Concerned mother Sheila Ressler from North Dakota

  1. John Schlickau says:

    Great post! Michelle and all their cronies are out of touch with relity. By the way, how are you related to Leo Ressler. We used to sell him cattle and have a great time with him.
    John Schlickau,

  2. Wanda P. says:

    Guarantee many of these students will have a stash of food in their lockers. And more than likely won’t be healthy foods either.

  3. The Queen says:

    Go git ’em Sheila! I’ve got your back and agree totally on this nutty program. What in the heck will they think of next? No. I don’t want to know. Calling congressman now! Love your post!

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  5. Tamra Heins says:

    Totally agree with Sheila. All that is going to happen with my 17 year old 190 lb. 6’1″ stepson who is a three sport athlete, is he will drive to the gas station and pick up a pizza and large soda. Does anyone really expect these high school kids to function on 2 oz of protein? And as a mother of an overweight 7 yr old, I will tell you that no protein is not the answer, how about what kind of protein? What, no chicken nuggets, chicken strips, chicken burgers, fish burgers or fish sticks? Whatever will we do? Make no mistake, this administration is against red meat. Or at least it is obvious they believe red meat has no place in a healthy diet. Check out the “Kids of State” dinner hosted by Michelle Obama at the White House. Over 1200 recipes were submitted to and 54 selected for a recipe book. About 5 of these contain red meat. The select ones were featured at the meal. Also, USDA’s recent purchase of protein for the school lunch program does not include any beef. Maybe its all just a coincidence but I doubt it.

  6. DebbieLB says:

    Let’s take this convo to the folks who can make a change! My congressman suggests writing to:

    Undersecretary of Food & Nutrition Services
    Kevin Concannon
    1400 Independence Ave, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20250

    Secretary of Agriculture
    Tom Vilsack
    1400 Independence Ave, S.W.
    Washington, D.C. 20250

  7. Rich says:

    In reality, my senior hates the new lunch. She now takes hers to school and she can’t believe how much is now being thrown away simply because it doesn’t taste good or look good. The HS kitchen staff has had a bad attitude because the students are complaining. We need Harry S Truman!

  8. greg nichols says:

    Sec. Vilsack was the most hostile interview I have ever heard to agriculture and that from the Sec of ag. More people need to hear this interview and learn how lowly this administration thinks of the American farmer.

  9. craig says:

    Isnt timing of meals equally important, and what we eat at those times of the day?

    what the hell Michelle

  10. Sheila Ressler says:

    So I find it interesting that in my childs school they are following the new USDA guidelines for the school lunch–which I am pleased that my children are getting exposed to more fruits and veggies and more whole grains becuase I feel a rounded diet is important…BUT…when the school has Bake Sale once a month and a class can bring items for other children to buy–why is it ok for those items to be cupcakes and pop? my first grader thought a cupcake and a mountain dew were a great way to end the school day…WHAT THE HELL MICHELLE…does that make sense?

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